A Year In Industry

A collection of stuff from William Duyck's year in industry


William Duyck

Hi, Iā€™m William Duyck (@FuzzyFox0). I'm a student, but most importantly a webmaker, and this, is my year in industry.

Weeknotes: week 34

This week:

  • Hacking the L10n flow for teaching kits mk2.
  • Talking with interesting parties and having brain explosion cool ideas.
  • Fighting some interesting "fires" that appeared in the Mozilla ecosystem.
  • Hacking on some returning concepts in time for some special birthdays coming soon.
  • Chilling with the rest of my team here in London!
  • Sitting on the edge of my seat watching the end of House Of Cards Season 2

Gracious GIF to my team for a great first half a week:

gracious gif