A Year In Industry

A collection of stuff from William Duyck's year in industry


William Duyck

Hi, I’m William Duyck (@FuzzyFox0). I'm a student, but most importantly a webmaker, and this, is my year in industry.

Software I use.

This is the large list of software that I use on a regular basis. Hope some of it is of use to you. The list is reasonably complete but somethings are bound to be missing... I'll pop back to this page periodically and update it when I change something or remember something else.


  • Firefox Aurora as my primary browser.
  • Apple Mail on OSX. Thunderbird on Windows + Linux.
    • Why Apple Mail on OSX? Put simply it integrates w/ the OS better, and is quicker/easier to setup w/ this integration on first run. Though I'm thinking of moving back to Thunderbird so that I've got a more unified cross platform setup.
  • FileZilla for my FTP needs.
    • However I use an automator created app for publishing to my Year In Industry blog.
  • Twitter app on OSX / Win 8.1
    • Nothing for Linux yet (:|)
  • Feedly for my RSS needs. Though I'm looking to make a switch for more control over my feeds.
  • IRSSI as my IRC client.
    • This is in a screen session on a remote server for persistent connection to irc.mozilla.org.
  • Textual for IRC.


  • VLC for almost all video watching / transcoding, etc...
  • Miro to download + watch internet TV / Podcasts.
  • MiroConverter for quick video transcodes.
    • Slightly easier to use than VLC for transcoding.


  • iWorks on OSX. MS Office 2010 on windows. LibreOffice everywhere.
  • MouApp on OSX for distraction free writing, in markdown :D.
    • Not found an alternative for me yet on other platforms... just use a text editor maximised.
  • ClipMenu for my clipboard history [OSX].
    • Sure this is a utility but its so powerful for office use. Not yet used this kind of feature on other platforms.
  • PDF.js for pdf viewing. Then whatever the built-in is when pdfjs can't cut it.


Going into detail here is a whole other list. So this is the brief rundown:


  • iCal on OSX. Thunderbird w/ Lightning on Windows + Linux.
    • Why iCal on OSX? Better integration, same as why I use Apple Mail.
  • Evernote for note taking.
    • Iff I'm doing it digitally... tend to be analogue w/ my notes. It works better for me that way.
  • CloudApp (or other clients for the service other OSes) for quick file sharing.
    • Dropbox for the more heavy lift file sharing.
  • Divvy on OSX for window tiling
    • yet to find a good one on other platforms (:|)
  • Caffiene on OSX to prevent sleep.
    • Useful for events / booths. Yet to find a good light alternative for other platforms, though generally this kind of functionality is easier to get at on other platforms (built in).
  • F.lux to ease eyestrain at night.
  • Send-to-Kindle for things to read later.
  • Alfred as a spotlight replacement on steroids [OSX].
    • Looking for a good alternative on other platforms.